An Introduction to Project CURSV

Hi everyone, my name is Erin and I am an Education Ph.D. student at the University of York. This website serves as a hub for my thesis project, Project CURSV (pronounced “cursive”): Comparing University Responses to Sexual Violence. Through this project, I am attempting to understand the response frameworks that exist in the US and England through a combination of feminist critical discourse analysis/policy discourse analysis and interviews with university staff and student victims/survivors.

This website will not contain any information about individual participants, their interviews, or the institutions that choose to work with me for this project. It is intended only as a resource for prospective participants to better understand Project CURSV. All data, including participants’ names, roles/titles, and university names, will be anonymised before I include it in my thesis, and I will be the only person able to access personal, non-redacted information.


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