About the Project

Project CURSV (pronounced “cursive”) is the Ph.D. thesis project of Erin Shannon at the University of York in the Department of Education. It aims to compare responses to sexual violence on campus across universities in the United States and England through a feminist critical discourse analysis of existing policies, and interviews with university staff (e.g. Student Conduct personnel, Title IX Coordinators, Student Support Officers) and student victims/survivors. Data collection took place throughout fall 2018 and spring 2019.

While sexual violence in universities continues to gain the attention of scholars and mainstream media outlets alike, institutional responses remain understudied in this area. The US and England have comparable rates of university sexual violence as well as comparable university cultures, yet differ significantly when it comes to response: The US has a federal, legalistic framework under Title IX whereas England currently does not. Following the 2016 UUK Changing the Culture report, however, England is working towards creating a national response framework for sexual violence disclosures, and in doing so is studying established structures such as the United States’ for potential adaptation. By comparing responses in these contexts, Project CURSV hopes to open up space for best practice sharing in order to better support student victims/survivors of sexual violence.

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